NOTE Use trailer jockey wheel to lift and lower trailer to avoid injury.

Lift the coupling handle in the direction of the arrow. Some coupling designs such as the AL-KO type shown opposite will remain open. Having positioned the coupling above the towball now lower the trailer onto the towball until  the ball engages into the head and is fully coupled. AL-KO coupling heads  have a green indicator button to prove full coupling engagement.


Pull the handle up as far as it will go and lift it from the towball. With larger  nose loads, coupling and uncoupling can be made easier by using the jockey wheel to assist lifting.


AL-KO recommends the fitment of a safety ball, this simple plastic ball fits inside the coupling head (whilst unhitched from the towball). Used in conjunction  with a security device, the safety ball is locked into the coupling area, ensuring  a thief cannot hitch your trailer to a smaller diameter towball or hook.  This also acts as a very visual theft deterrent


A small amount of standard grease should be applied to the towball to maintain a reduced friction environment.


Trailer and towball heights. Reference to Directive EC 94/20, Annexe VII,  Section 2. Height ranges allowed in the directive as being compliant. TRAILER    TOWING VEHICLEGROUND LEVELDimensions in mm. Loaded condition.


Dimensions in mm. Loaded condition.