Adjusting brakes. 

TOOLS 17mm ‘cranked’ ring and open spanner; flat blade screwdriver; 
WD40 light oil.

Before adjusting the brakes, always rotate the wheel(s) in a forward direction.

Remove plastic plug from the adjustment hole in the brake back plate. 

Spray WD40 or similar light oil into the area of the brake adjuster through the brake back plate. This will ensure that the adjuster turns freely.

Release the brake linkage from the balance bars in the centre of the trailer axle. Check for free play in the cable, which in a correctly adjusted brake will be 
5 to 8mm. 

Using a flat blade screw driver rotate the adjuster screw, accessed through the adjuster hole in the brake back plate. Rotate in the direction of arrows as indicated to increase or decrease adjustment. Check the free play at the end of each Bowden cable until all are set equally within the 5-8mm range. Re-apply the cable to the brake balance bar linkages. Test the operation of handbrake by applying the brake several times.